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Spend 45 minutes relaxing in our salt cave surrounded by more than 5000 pounds of pure Himalayan salt. Single Sessions, packages & memberships available. 

Salt Cave


Detox from environmental impurities in our infrared sauna while balancing your energy with chromotherpy.

20 - 30 minute sessions 

Infrared Sauna


Visit our retail boutique for salt lamps, sole water, soakings salts, all natural soaps, essentials oils & more!

Wellness Boutique

Dry Salt Therapy or Halotherapy is a natural and drug-free method of relief for respiratory ailments and minor skin conditions. Salt naturally reduces inflammation of the respiratory system and strengthens the immune system. A specially designed halogenerator crushes dry salt into tiny particles and distributes it throughout the room while you relax and just breathe in the benefits of the salty air. 

The Salt Cave of Perrysburg

318 Louisiana Ave

Perrysburg, OH  43551

Ph: (419) 873-7300


Monday - 11am to 6pm

Tuesday - 11am to 6pm

Wednesday - 11am to 7pm

Thursday - 11am to 6pm

Friday - 11am to 6pm

Saturday - 10am to 2pm