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Our story from my point of view....

My daughter, Janessa, was diagnosed with Lyme disease, a very serious illness, 4 years ago. Through that time, my friend, Jennifer Lynch, helped us by doing research on complementary and alternative treatments to heal and restore our bodies. We discovered essential oils and infrared sauna and finally she found a salt cave! Janessa was not able to go with us the first trip, but Jennifer and I wanted to go anyway--even though the nearest cave was nearly 90 miles away! Jennifer suffers from bad seasonal allergies and was hoping for some relief, and I was just excited to have 30 minutes to relax with no responsibilities!

After our very first session, Jennifer announced, “we should open one of these in Perrysburg.” (she’s the brains of the friendship). She felt her airways open up right away; she could breathe easier and she felt so much better overall. I, too, fell in love with how much better I felt after my first session, but I wasn't at all interested in being a business owner! So we drove an hour and a half each way to visit for a year and a half because we loved the benefits! Thankfully, Janessa was able to make several of the trips and she had wonderful results as well! After our most recent visit, Jennifer pitched the idea of opening one in our hometown again and I decided that it may make sense after all.


Since that day we have been so excited to be able to bring Halotherapy (dry salt therapy) to Perrysburg!  We have so many exciting things planned for The Salt Cave of Perrysburg and we hope that you love and enjoy it as much as we do!     ~Jess Wagner 


Janessa's health is much better after fighting Lyme disease for 3 fierce years. She has been treatment free for a year now! She just finished her first year of college and will most likely be the one that answers the phone when you call to schedule your appointment. 

 Jennifer Lynch, Jess Wagner

The Salt Cave of Perrysburg

318 Louisiana Ave

Perrysburg, OH  43551

Phone: (419) 873-7300


Check Facebook or call us at (419)873-7300 to check our updated hours! Things are changing a lot lately and our hours are reflective of that.